Privacy Policy

Combination LockDuring the course of its operations BSOL will collect relevant data on its members in order to provide services to those members. BSOL warrants that the information provided will be treated as the property of the individual member and as such kept in the strictest confidence. The data will be used only to carry out the functions of BSOL as directed by the Management Committee within the guidelines set below.
  1. For matching mentors with learners.
  2. Informing members of dates, times and locations of sessions.
  3. Convening of meetings.
  4. Circulating of BSOL newsletters and information sheets.
  5. Annual, general and financial reporting to members.
The passing of contact information to any outside party shall be allowed only with the expressed permission of the member.

Coordinators of BSOL shall have access to the database as directed by the Management Committee.

All members have the right to express concerns or report privacy and security violations to the Management Committee.