Brisbane Seniors OnLine is a not-for-profit association staffed by volunteers to provide seniors in the Greater Brisbane area with basic computing skills, the opportunity to extend those skills and to keep up to date with changing technology. Please browse around our website and discover how we can help you or a family member through our mentoring program.
When you join BSOL as a learner we arrange a time and place and a mentor to teach you. Our preferred option is to teach you on your own computing device in your home. However learning in small groups may be available in some areas and our city office has modern equipment and a pleasant learning environment.  

Getting Started

Learners pay $60 for the first 12 months, which comprises the annual membership fee of $40 plus a $20 joining fee. Volunteers join for free. We have no paid staff. Membership fees cover administrative costs and the all important public liability and volunteer workers insurance. 

What will I be taught?

You will learn basics including email, internet and security. More advanced tutoring in other topics may be available depending on our resources in your area.

There is an informal flexible guideline of 12 lessons. Your lessons will continue until your mentor believes that you have had the opportunity to achieve your goals.

After that, while your BSOL membership remains current, we will provide you with ongoing support on an as-needed basis.

Join Today

Visit our Membership page for more information or to apply online. 


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